Baby’s First Visit

The foundation for a healthy smile

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that all children see a dentist sometime between the eruption of the first tooth, which happens around six months of age, and the child’s first birthday. Baby teeth help children speak clearly and chew naturally, and they also form a path for permanent teeth to follow when they are ready to erupt. This critical time allows us to educate children and their parents on proper oral hygiene and other healthy habits to prevent severe dental problems from occurring.  Taking your child to see our pediatric dentists as early as possible help set them on the right track for a lifetime of excellent oral health. Our pediatric dentists are primary and specialty oral care providers for infants and children through adolescence, including those with special health needs.

Our gentle approach

Our staff and dentists strive to make dental care for children comfortable and fun. We are happy to give your children a tour of the office, show them how we work, and explain the dental examination in ways they can understand so that the whole process is less scary. When your child feels relaxed and safe, we will ask permission to perform the exam, which consists of visually examining the teeth, jaws, and soft tissues of the mouth for abnormalities. Depending on the child’s age and unique oral health issues, we may also take X-rays, clean the teeth, and administer a fluoride treatment.

Oral health education

As a parent, you are the primary guardian of your child’s oral health, and we want to help you perform that job as effectively as possible. That is why our dentists and hygienist staff will educate you on the following:

  • Oral hygiene: We will instruct you on how to clean your child’s teeth at least twice a day and when to start flossing and using fluoridated toothpaste.
  • Diet: Snacking frequently on sugary foods and drinks can lead to tooth decay, so our dentists can recommend healthier options.
  • Bottle use: Many parents give their children a bottle of milk or juice at bedtime as a pacifier of sorts, and this leads to baby bottle tooth decay. We advise you to suspend bottle use when your child is one year old to avoid deterioration and the tooth misalignment issues that often accompany prolonged sucking on a bottle.
  • Oral habits: Sucking on a pacifier or the fingers can cause the same types of tooth alignment and eruption problems as a bottle. We will advise you on ways to stop this behavior.
  • Developmental milestones: Our dentists will help you understand them, such as the tooth eruption schedule, and language development and determine if your child is on track.
  • Safety: We will advise you on measures you can take to protect your child’s teeth, jaws, and face from trauma.
  • Checkups and dental treatments: We recommend bringing your child for dental checkups every six months, but children with dental problems may need to see us more often. We will thoroughly explain any necessary treatments.


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