Restorative Treatments

Smile Sonrisa Dental & Orthodontics provides comfortable, minimally invasive restorative care to ensure that your child has a healthy and attractive smile. Offering the following treatments to restore oral functioning and enhance your child’s appearance if dental problems should occur:

  • Fillings: We use tooth-colored fillings made from composite resin for the most natural appearance.
  • White crowns and stainless-steel crowns: Crowns cover the entire tooth and are used to restore teeth with extensive decay. We use aesthetically pleasing white crowns for front teeth and stainless-steel crowns for molars.
  • Pulpotomies: Deep decay can affect the soft center of the tooth called the pulp. A tooth-saving pulpotomy involves removing decay from the pulp chamber, placing filling material in the space left behind, and affixing a crown to the tooth.
  • Extractions: We can easily remove decayed baby teeth or those that need to come out to make room for permanent teeth to erupt.
  • Pediatric bridges: If your child loses a baby tooth too early because of decay or trauma, we can create a dental bridge to ensure a complete smile.


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